Toronto Blue Jays News

  • Editor’s note: Welcome to SI’s MLB preview. Click here to view every team’s outlook in 2020, including predictions, projections and, yes, a preview of the 2030 preview. Click here to read the Blue Jays fantasy preview. It wasn’t so long ago that the Blue Jays reached the ALCS in consecutive years (2015 and ’16) and […]
  • “I’m a sports fan, I know where they’re going to play games — Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Florida Marlins, look at the Atlanta team in Georgia,” Deputy Public Health Officer Howard Njoo said Friday when asked about the MLB request during a Covid briefing. Mendicino said the government let the club know that […]
  • TORONTO — The Blue Jays have been denied approval by the Canadian government to play in Toronto amid the coronavirus pandemic. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced in a statement Saturday the federal government had denied the request, confirming what an official familiar with the matter had told The Associated Press earlier. The official spoke on condition […]
  • Robert Michael (Bob) Bailor was the Blue Jays’ first pick in the 1976 expansion draft, and was listed as a shortstop by his former team, the Orioles. In four years in Toronto (1977-1980) he showed his versatility, playing short, third, second and the outfield as well as the three desperation outings on the mound. His […]
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